Monday, September 24, 2012

A Really Great Week!

Hello Everyone!

It was a really good week. Last Monday our YSA Ward went and helped clean and landscape the temple grounds.  We went and helped out it was really great.  Then on Tuesday we had district meetings.  On Wednesday we met with our investigator and arranged the program for her baptism. On Thursday we met with another investigator who is planning on getting baptized this upcoming Saturday, we gave him a blessing to help him quit smoking. On Friday we had a special zone leader council, because the MTC sent some people to come and evaluate our mission. 

We were looking at a chart of how effective our mission is compared to other missions.  It only takes our mission 5 new investigators to have a baptism overall where other missions in the area take an average of 15 new investigators. The MTC wants us to change the way that we keep track of new investigators so they can track how many people are expressing interest in the church or something like that.  Well, none of us liked that idea so we were all kind of fighting it, but they changed it anyway, which we will support.  Then he was complementing us on the fact that we are more effective and then I asked " Well could it be that we are more effective because we don't get as many new investigators? And that we care about them more?" Everybody laughed and he seemed a little frustrated.  Then after that we went to the office and got mail. I got my package thank you so much and thank you Sister Wagstaff.

Later our investigator had her Baptismal Interview.  On Saturday we went to another companionship's baptism.  It was really great -- he has a really strong testimony. And then we went to fill the font and had the baptism for our investigator.  It was really spiritual.  She was baptized by her friend that introduced her to the gospel.  There is a family in our stake whose dad is Tongan and their mom is from Iceland, and their son is in our YSA ward so we sang that Tongan song that we sang to you on Mother's Day at the baptism.

At church on Sunday we had her confirmation.  It was a really great week.  Today for p-day our whole zone is going to go help out at the temple site becuase there is still a lot of work to do and tours start tomorrow!

Well I love you!
Elder Dowd

Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Great Week

Hey Family!

I'm glad that Jason called and came over.  Thanks for having him. I loved serving around him -- he was a good missionary.

Jason Kuetell recently returned from Calgary with Elder Dowd's Sisters in Orem

I don't know why we cannot send pictures from the Calgary Library System, but, we live with a member and I will see if she is able to upload them to that photo account you made Mom.  Thanks for doing that.  So, hopefully you will get pictures soon!

Today Elder Ellgen and I are getting haircuts, then we are having a Zone activity.  After the Zone Activity, the YSA Ward in our area is cleaning up the new Calgary Temple grounds, so we get to go help do that.  I am excited about being able to do that.

This last week has been a lot of fun and really good as well. We had a really fun p-day with the Calgary East Zone last week. Elder Pikula was there and it was fun to see him.  He goes home in November. Then for FHE that night we played "Whose Line is It Anyway" which was fun and everyone participated.  I got called up with a member of the ward and we had to pretend to be Tarzan and Jane, it was funny. And then on Tuesday we had a meeting with the whole zone and it was funny because these two Elders put a wrong address in their GPS so I had to go rescue them because they were lost.

On Wednesday nothing too spectacular happened, that I can remember. On Thursday I went on exchanges with an Elder in our zone.  His name is Elder Krogue, we went on exchanges because Elder Wangsgard, the senior missionary over housing needed help moving some furniture and Elder Ellgen needed to get a brace for his knee at the same time. So it was a lot of fun.  As we were storing some of the furniture there was some furniture that was getting thrown out so Elder Krogue and I broke them down and it was a lot of fun.

On Friday we went to the office and got mail and that was about it. And on Saturday we went on exchanges again because the Wangsgards took us out  to eat for helping them which was fun. And then on Sunday our two investigators with a date came to church, which was really good. And we had dinner with a really fun family. Yeah, good stuff. Our investigator getting baptized this Saturday is really nervous about her jumpsuit and the refreshments and the program and all this stuff - it's really funny. So things are going really good and yeah we have a baptism this Saturday.

The Church is true! It grows despite its missionaries and members! Love you!
Elder Dowd

Monday, September 10, 2012

Things are Good in the Great White North!

Hello Family,

I am doing well! A lot of exciting stuff has happened this week. We had a really good p-day last week.  The whole zone showed up and we played basketball and dodgeball and street hockey.  Then FHE was held for our YSA ward.  It was really fun.  We went to a member of the bishopric's house in Airdrie and we played games and there was a slip-n-slide and a BBQ and lots of fun stuff.  Our investigator Ian was the last one to leave. (Ian is the guy who came up to Elder Grbin and me once when we were on the street and asked us if we would teach him.  He is scheduled for baptism in two weeks.)

Then on Tuesday I went on exchanges again in the Second and the Panorama ward area because there is a new elder there and his companion doesn't know the area very well and I have already served there. On Wednesday we had District meetings and President Nicholas came.

On Thursday we had weekly planning, and then on Thursday night President Nicholas invited all the Zone Leaders over to the mission home to have a party, which was fun, but really weird. Then on Friday we had Zone Leader Council.  On Saturday we helped with the Calgary Food Drive and Elder Orozco came to help. It was a lot of fun. Then we took two of our investigators to a baptism.

On Sunday we had 4 non-members and one really less active man (whose non member friend we are teaching this week) come to our YSA ward. So things are going really well. Elder Ellgen and I are enjoying ourselves and working really hard.

Today is really exciting! We have arranged for a multi-zone p-day, so the East Calgary Zone, which is Elder Pikula's zone is coming to have p-day with us today and I am really looking forward to seeing him. We are going to play a lot of basketball and dodgeball and it will be fun. We are expecting 24 missionaries and hopefully we can get the YSA members and investigators to come out as well. So that is going to be a lot of fun.

I am in good health Mom.  Elder Ellgen and I have been working out every morning with weights and a pull up bar and as you can see we are getting lots of exercise on p-day lately.  Elder Orozco told me I look skinnier, but...I don't know.  But, I feel good.

Good news! We also have two investigators set to be baptized in two weeks, which is even better then p-day (but just barely) =). Also, the other two investigators came to Church and are being taught with members.  They kept asking questions in class.  We are also teaching a less active man who works with a very active member and wants to be strong.  So things are good in the great white north! I love you all!

Elder Dowd

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things are Great!

Hello Family!

Things are going really well. Elder Ellgen and I are getting along well. We are teaching investigators that are progressing quite nicely. Things are going great. The weeks are like a blur.

On Tuesday we had dinner with our investigators she took us out to get Persian food, which was good. Then on Wednesday we went on exchanges and found out that one of our investigators moved and went back to Ontario. Thursday I can't remember what happened!  Friday we went to lunch with some Elders in the zone because they turned a year old, then went to the office to get mail and then got stuck in traffic the whole day and then on Saturday it rained really softly. On Sunday we had some investigators to church and then on p-day we went to the mall and then we played a lot of sports and it was fun. Elder Orozco is training in the Spanish program right now, so in the Spanish Zone you can go anywhere in Calgary on p-day so Elder Orozco came to p-day with us and it was a lot of fun.

Today I am on exchanges which have been pretty good so far. Oh and miracle of the week - last year on Christmas Eve I lost my camera and I looked for it for a whole month and I could not find it, and I was convinced someone stole my camera. And then on Thursday the Plewrights, a family in Panorama Ward called and said they had found my camera!!!!! So I now have two  cameras. But I will start using the one that I lost because it works a lot better. So that was really exciting. Yep!

Thanks for looking into colleges for me Mom.  I will keep praying and let you know if I think we should try any other schools.

I am doing exchanges with Elder Stephan from Alpine.  He went to Lone Peak, but doesn't know Brandon. 

Elder Kuetell, Elder Ellgen, me, Elder Stapley

Elder Kuetell is living in Provo.  I am going to give him your phone number so you can have him over.  I still can't upload pictures, but there's that picture of him with Elder Ellgen (my companion now) and Elder Stapley and me.  

I love you!
Elder Dowd