Monday, March 14, 2011


I don't mean this in a bad way, but I don't miss you guys that much. This past week has been crazy. On Tuesday I went on splits and I went up to Canmore which is right next to Banff and it was just like Park City. Then on Wednesday we went on splits with the Zone Leaders. Thursday, we moved from our members home, the Comstocks, to a older single sister's home just outside of town. Then on Friday the Banff elders came down and did splits with us because we had to leave early to go see Elder Christofferson on Saturday. I told Elder Christofferson that Rick was my uncle, but he was shaking hands with everyone in the mission so all he said was, "He's a good one." And then he talked to us about a lot of stuff I can't even remember because I was so tired. Then yesterday we had like 5 lessons with members and we ate dinner with the Nzidjbwamiis. They are from Burundi and they are such nice people and the food she cooks is always good. She used to have a cooking show in Burundi, we shared a message with them about love and service, we showed them the Mormon Message called Lessons I learned as a lad, where Gordon B Hinckley tells a story about his grandpa where they were going to pull a prank on someone but then decided to serve them instead, you should watch it. Then I shared John 1 ch 4 versus 5-8 I think but it was crazy because I've never even seen those scriptures before but the spirit was so strong it was really cool!
But yeah, I'm doing well and I am grateful to be out here in Cochrane serving. Elder Crowther and I get along really well.  In our mission when you are new they call you a greenie and you have to have a trainer and your trainer is your dad and on Saturday when the whole mission was together we took a posterity picture and I met my grandpa and my great grandpa, so that is pretty unusual to have 4 generations in a mission so I am in good hands and have been blessed with a good family (again). But yeah, I love you and this gospel is true!!! I will talk with you again next week.

Oh and tell Talmage and his mom that I am so excited! when does he leave??
I love you and happy Birthday, Mom =)

Elder Dowd

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