Monday, March 21, 2011


Thats so exciting about Jordan's call!! Tell him that I am excited and glad that he is going to stay in the United States, where it is warm and beautiful. Sounds like life is pretty crazy out there, but it's pretty crazy out here.  It's been a crazy week. We went to Banff last Monday after emails and I will send you some pictures. Then I went on splits twice this week so i worked like two days in Calgary this week.  Then I went back to the mission home to do retraining and I got to see Elder Grbin again. Then we drove by the temple that is under construction and it has been fun, but yeah I am so glad that I have chosen to be out here. It is really great. I have really enjoyed getting to teach and bear my testimony of the Book of Mormon, and to be guided by the spirit.

On saturday we had about an hour in between lessons and so we went and knocked on a less active member's door and he didn't answer so we felt like we should just walk down the street. We walked down a street that we had never seen before and we saw this lady shoveling her driveway. We offered to help her and then it led into a discussuion about the church. She told us that she has been searching for a religion and that she had read about our church and was very intersted. She gave us her phone number and we are going to meet with her later this week. It is really neat to be able to have experinces like that. And yes the Nzijbwamiis, their son Marc just won Provincials in basketball which is the same as state.

You don't need to send my jacket because the Elders in Banff got me one for free because they do alot of service at a thrift store, but I would still love that music.  Tell Brian and Julie that I am so excited for them, and I am bummed that I will miss their wedding.

Today for p-day we are going into Calgary to play basketball and stuff, and we are going to go shopping at Walmart! I think I am going to buy some Benadryl becuase Saturday night I broke out in hives really bad, and I went to bed thinking that it would be better, but it only got worse and I was crazy itchy all day, but I didn't scratch because I knew that would make it worse and then we had dinner with a really nice family and their mom gave me some childrens Benadryl and I drank like half of it last night and it has kept it down, but I'm still really itchy. I think that I might be allergic to garlic beause we ate at our members home on Saturday night and there was garlic in just about everything, but I am doing alright and it is not hindering my work.

Did i tell you that we moved? We moved into this older ladies basement and it is funny because she is always watching tv.  Like last Monday she watching the Bachelor finale and we could hear it from downstairs it was driving me crazy. But she is really nice. And yeah that's pretty much all that is going on out here in Cochrane Alberta Canada, I am almost two months old! I love you all and have been praying for you!

Elder Dowd

snow man
Elder Crowther and Elder Dowd at Banff
Elder Dowd with his district at Banff
The beginning of the Calgary temple!

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