Monday, December 19, 2011

Frog Legs & Fertilized Duck Eggs - Yum!!!

Hello Everyone!

I am doing pretty well. Things are going ok. The wards are taking good care of us. We have had several people call and bring gifts over to our apartment and at church. We have been having a hard time working because of my companion's health so I usually let him sleep in and take a nap in the afternoon. Otherwise he just can't focus or stay awake. He has a desire to be out here and to work hard and isn't afraid to talk to people - so he will be a good missionary.

Other than that nothing too exciting is going on. We met with a part member family this week and invited this man's daughter to be baptized and she said yes and was all excited. Then as soon as we left she told her dad that she never wants to come to church or be baptized! So that's kinda sad but there were a lot of miracles too. We had a ward Christmas party and there were at least a dozen non members there. We were able to talk to all of them.

Then there is this man from Iran who has been coming to church for several weeks now and he finally accepted an invitation from us to take the discussions so we will see what happens there.

I am definitely excited to talk to you all at Christmas time! My companion's family is going to call at 2-3 so you can call at 3 o clock!

I can't wait to hear from you. I can't remember what you all sound like anymore =). Last night we had dinner with a Filipino family and they fed us balut (fertilized duck egg) I will send you a picture. They also gave us frog legs as well.

That would be sweet to see Uncle Rick and maybe you in June.

That's exciting that Rochelle is receiving her endowments soon and all the other fun news! I love you all so much and your prayers are deeply appreciated!

I love you all.

Love, Elder Dowd

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