Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Family Day was Yesterday

Dear Family and Friends,

Yea, the library was closed yesterday, not for President's Day, but for Family Day in Canada. Even though all the Provinces don't celebrate it, Alberta does. My companion and I were able to go through the temple yesterday here in Calgary. That was really nice. It was a session with two people going through for their first time. I was glad we got to go.

It was fun to hear that Maddie's team won their first game at the State tournament. Good luck Maddie in tomorrow's game. That picture was funny of you about to take a shot, don't you like how they seem to get a shot right when you blink?

Mom, the other Elders in my District met your missionary friend, Maureen Barfuss. You said her maiden name is Pitcher? You should find out who her parents are because there are a lot of Pitcher's in Cardston.

We had Zone Conference this past week and so on Thursday we got to go to Taber for it. Taber is the corn capitol of Canada! It was a really good conference. The theme was on faith.

Then we had an interesting week because all of our appointments were canceling, but it worked out ok, because we were guided by the Holy Ghost this week. We were out walking and we felt like we should go to the hospital and visit our Ward Mission leader's mom, and we did. Then we asked if there was anyone else who could use a visit and the nurse told us there was. We went and talked to this old man who is 95 and he was trying to share the gospel with his nurse who wasn't a member. He gave us a referral and we gave him a blessing. It was really cool. We also just met a lot of people that are really helpful and want to do missionary work which is really great.

We went to church Sunday from 8:30 to 4:30 and that was good. The then temple yesterday that was the highlight of our week!

Hope you are all still doing well. Keep up the faith!

Love, Elder Dowd

P.S. Thanks for sending my friend's letters. I really liked the picture of Elder Skousen with the alligator!

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