Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello Family and Friends,

Hope you all have a good Valentine's Day. Here's a valentine note for Carl because he loves cards, so Mom print it out and give it to him.

"Happy Valentines day Carl! I sure love you and hope you have a fantastic day!
Thanks for all the letters that you send me! Love Elder Dowd"

Tell Auntie Tye and the Browns thanks for the Valentine!

Everything is good here. We only had 1 new investigator this week, but things are going good with her. Her dad is a recent convert and she told us that she just wants to find the truth. We taught her on Tuesday. Then we went on exchanges on Friday and she was taught then as well.

Elder Anderson is doing great, he's pretty much training me which is nice because with my other missionaries who I was training I felt like I had to do all the work. He is great and participates fully in the missionary effort. We still have 3 weeks of the 12 week training program and it is going well. When I went to Lethbridge last week for leadership training, he went on a exchange with another Elder.

I have been really tired, and no Mom, I don't think I have mono or anything. Elder Anderson and talk at night. My glands aren't swollen and I am doing well.

You asked where eat for free. We eat for free at Subway, Dairy Queen, a bakery called the Lighthouse, a pizza place called Pizzas and Cream, and a bed and breakfast called Cobblestone. We get fed dinners every night as well. So we are getting well fed and we don't really need to buy groceries because everyone gives us food as well.

Mom, the Zone Leaders ran into your mission friend, Sister Barfuss yesterday and she told them to say hi to me.

There's hardly any snow. The weather has been really warm here. It was like 10 degrees Celsius yesterday and its been around 4 or 5 most of the time. Other then that not much news.

Elder Pikula came to the temple on Friday with the Plewrights so I got to have lunch with them. Elder Pikula is training a Canadian Elder who is waiting for his VISA and so he is on a 3 leg.

That was pretty much my week. And it went by pretty fast.

Sure love you all and hope things are going well!

Love, Elder Dowd

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