Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Great Week

Hey Family!

I'm glad that Jason called and came over.  Thanks for having him. I loved serving around him -- he was a good missionary.

Jason Kuetell recently returned from Calgary with Elder Dowd's Sisters in Orem

I don't know why we cannot send pictures from the Calgary Library System, but, we live with a member and I will see if she is able to upload them to that photo account you made Mom.  Thanks for doing that.  So, hopefully you will get pictures soon!

Today Elder Ellgen and I are getting haircuts, then we are having a Zone activity.  After the Zone Activity, the YSA Ward in our area is cleaning up the new Calgary Temple grounds, so we get to go help do that.  I am excited about being able to do that.

This last week has been a lot of fun and really good as well. We had a really fun p-day with the Calgary East Zone last week. Elder Pikula was there and it was fun to see him.  He goes home in November. Then for FHE that night we played "Whose Line is It Anyway" which was fun and everyone participated.  I got called up with a member of the ward and we had to pretend to be Tarzan and Jane, it was funny. And then on Tuesday we had a meeting with the whole zone and it was funny because these two Elders put a wrong address in their GPS so I had to go rescue them because they were lost.

On Wednesday nothing too spectacular happened, that I can remember. On Thursday I went on exchanges with an Elder in our zone.  His name is Elder Krogue, we went on exchanges because Elder Wangsgard, the senior missionary over housing needed help moving some furniture and Elder Ellgen needed to get a brace for his knee at the same time. So it was a lot of fun.  As we were storing some of the furniture there was some furniture that was getting thrown out so Elder Krogue and I broke them down and it was a lot of fun.

On Friday we went to the office and got mail and that was about it. And on Saturday we went on exchanges again because the Wangsgards took us out  to eat for helping them which was fun. And then on Sunday our two investigators with a date came to church, which was really good. And we had dinner with a really fun family. Yeah, good stuff. Our investigator getting baptized this Saturday is really nervous about her jumpsuit and the refreshments and the program and all this stuff - it's really funny. So things are going really good and yeah we have a baptism this Saturday.

The Church is true! It grows despite its missionaries and members! Love you!
Elder Dowd

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