Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Things are Great!

Hello Family!

Things are going really well. Elder Ellgen and I are getting along well. We are teaching investigators that are progressing quite nicely. Things are going great. The weeks are like a blur.

On Tuesday we had dinner with our investigators she took us out to get Persian food, which was good. Then on Wednesday we went on exchanges and found out that one of our investigators moved and went back to Ontario. Thursday I can't remember what happened!  Friday we went to lunch with some Elders in the zone because they turned a year old, then went to the office to get mail and then got stuck in traffic the whole day and then on Saturday it rained really softly. On Sunday we had some investigators to church and then on p-day we went to the mall and then we played a lot of sports and it was fun. Elder Orozco is training in the Spanish program right now, so in the Spanish Zone you can go anywhere in Calgary on p-day so Elder Orozco came to p-day with us and it was a lot of fun.

Today I am on exchanges which have been pretty good so far. Oh and miracle of the week - last year on Christmas Eve I lost my camera and I looked for it for a whole month and I could not find it, and I was convinced someone stole my camera. And then on Thursday the Plewrights, a family in Panorama Ward called and said they had found my camera!!!!! So I now have two  cameras. But I will start using the one that I lost because it works a lot better. So that was really exciting. Yep!

Thanks for looking into colleges for me Mom.  I will keep praying and let you know if I think we should try any other schools.

I am doing exchanges with Elder Stephan from Alpine.  He went to Lone Peak, but doesn't know Brandon. 

Elder Kuetell, Elder Ellgen, me, Elder Stapley

Elder Kuetell is living in Provo.  I am going to give him your phone number so you can have him over.  I still can't upload pictures, but there's that picture of him with Elder Ellgen (my companion now) and Elder Stapley and me.  

I love you!
Elder Dowd

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