Monday, October 17, 2011

A Better Week!


The car above is the one I was driving when I crashed into the sisters car.

Sounds like you all had a crazy week! This past week was pretty good, we set a date with a former investigator and he is getting baptized on the 22nd. We also picked up a new investigator yesterday from Camaroon.

We had Stake Conference yesterday and it was really great. It felt like I was at General Conference.

We went on an exchange this week and we went out to Nobleford - home of the Noble Blade! (From Wikipedia: A major employer in Nobleford from the 1930s to 1998 was a cultivator factory established by Charles Noble, manufacturing variations of the Noble blade. This reduced-tillage plow was designed to cut weed roots below the soil surface without greatly disturbing the soil, thus minimizing moisture loss in the dry, windy climate of southern Alberta.)

Other than that nothing too eventful has happened. Oh I got a Flames Jersey for 40$ -- it's pretty nice.

These are the highlights of my week. I am sending some pictures as well. I love you all very much and I pray for you every night. The Gospel has been restored!

Love, Elder Dowd

Elder Welling - he trained Elder Crowther - who trained me!

Anyone down there????

P-day fun!

Karate Kid???

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