Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everybody,

Wow, that is crazy that Tanner and Christian leave for their missions tomorrow! I think that is about the last of my friends to be leaving, well Kade is going in a couple months I think.

Well, yesterday was our P-day, but the libraries were closed because it was Thanksgiving in Canada. We got invited to a dinner and they gave us enough leftovers that we fed our whole District lunch today!

This past week was pretty good we went golfing on p day. We went to the bridge and took pictures. It rained a lot this week and we had car inspections. Right after car inspections I hit the sisters car, so now I am not allowed to drive anymore the rest of my mission. :( No one was hurt, but it was pretty embarrassing. The sisters weren't even in their car.

That's fun that you (we) got a new Bishopric. I'm glad you could have had a good week. Because Thanksgiving was yesterday, and it was very strange because now I am in a Christmasy mood!

I really am thankful for you all and for all that you do. I guess the biggest news was that I hit a car.

Mom, To answer those questions:

Weather- It is not snowing yet -- it's like 10 degrees outside

Companion- Elder Roberts is doing good. He is kinda shy.

Ward- We try to involve the Wards with everything that we do so we work with the members to find people to teach. We bring them to investigator lessons and we try to reactivate less active members and a lot of times they have non member friends.

Meals- The members feed us when we can get them to sign our dinner calendar. They feed us pretty general foods. On Sunday nights there is a family from Tonga and they feed all the missionaries Hawaiian donuts that they sell so we get fed alright. All I eat at home is toast with Nutella for the most part. This past week I also had crackers and hummus. I try not to eat too much, so just light meals at home.

That's really all that has been going on or that I can answer I guess.

I love you all. I know that this Church is true.

Love Elder Dowd

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