Monday, October 24, 2011

Busy Week

Hello Everyone,

I am doing pretty good. This last week was pretty fun. Nothing too exciting happened. On Tuesday we just taught member lessons, but then on Wednesday my companion and I stopped by a less active member's home. The week before when we had been on exchanges my companion challenged him to find someone to be taught in a week, but he never told me that he set up a return appointment. When we got there, the members asked us to come in and sit down. He then told us his friend was coming over in ten minutes. We had scheduled our dinner appointment at the same time. So, I called the home where we were supposed to have dinner. In the end my companion went with another missionary to teach the new investigator and I ended up going to dinner by myself. It was really weird.

Then sadly our investigator dropped his baptismal date for Saturday because he said that he wasn't ready. That was frustrating, but he did come to another baptism on Saturday so that was good. Another one of our investigators also came to that baptism as well. She is from the Caribbean and she is good friends with another investigator we have. We taught them both yesterday the Plan of Salvation and it was interesting because they both understand it. When I invited them to be baptized the newer investigator said no. I asked if she understood that our church is the only church that has authority, and she said she doesn't. The other investigator does but she said that she doesn't want to join the Church until her family knows about it so she's not even baptized and shes already being a missionary!

Last night we went to a fireside where President Archibald spoke. These investigators came and Sister Archibald's talk made the newer investigator cry as she felt the spirit.

That was pretty much our week. Oh and something crazy happened last night. I went to bed and then I woke up at 3 in the morning in our living room in our recliner chair! It freaked me out!

The usual time one stays in an area here in my mission is about 4 and half months. Also, not always, but usually when someone is training a new missionary, they are together for three months, and both of these factors are what has happened with me, so I am thinking I will be transferred next week, but I will let you know. So, that means that I will write on Tuesday next week rather than Monday.

I didn't know how you knew that Harriet's husband is related to Elder Welling until you told me you posted the picture of him on my blog. I am going to send out Christmas cards to my friends and family, so if you can get some addresses for me, that would be great.

I love you all!

Elder Dowd

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