Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30th Letter

Yeah the branding was a lot of fun we are going to go do it again. And it did smell really bad but it's OK it was still fun. We would brand them and then burn off the horns and it was the horns that really smelled bad, the branding kinda smelled like steak I thought =). Tell Grandpa Turley and Julie that it's fun to have a shared experience with them! Grandpa, did you get any kind of scar from getting the branding iron on your arm? I never noticed anything.

Sounds like a lot of fun stuff is happening back home with Maddie going to Prom, Nickie moving home, and Nickie and Rochelle off to Disneyland. Members tell me all the time that they just went down to Utah and I always reply, "So it's still there?"

Not too much else happened this week. We met with our progressing investigator a few times and he is still set to be baptized on Saturday. We just need to sit down with him and arrange everything like set up a time for the service, let the auxiliaries know and the Zone Leaders will interview him.

They are still constructing the temple.  It will probably be done this fall. Here is a picture of me standing by it last March and a couple pictures of it last week.  They put maple leaves into this window design.

We are having our mission tour this week in Lethbridge so that will be fun to see a lot of missionaries. Elder Melchin is visiting.  He is the Area Authority from Calgary. The Zone Leaders, Elder Staley and I have been practicing a musical number for it. We are going to sing a Tongan hymn. We are going to try and videotape it and have a member put it up on YouTube so you can see it.

Something this week I've learned is to not be offended and that we can all receive mercy and the atonement is for everyone.

Oh yea, Sister Leavitt know Chantelle's fiances family.  She said they moved away awhile ago.  Other than that not too much happened. I will tell you a funny story though. We went to lunch and these old men came and asked us to sit with them. As we were talking to them Elder Langi slipped his shoe off and Elder Staley grabbed it with his feet and then another Elder kicked it across the room! It was pretty funny.

I sure love you all! Have a good week!

Ofa Atu!
Elder Dowd

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