Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Some Miracles

Hello Family and Friends,

P-day was on Tuesday this week because we had interviews with the Mission President yesterday. Next week we will write on Tuesday too because Monday the library is closed for Easter. Then the week after that will be transfers, so that will be on Tuesday also.

We just got to the library after going to the temple, it was really sweet. We went to the early morning session so it was just in one room, but it was nice. We got to go see the baptistry and we got to look through some of the rooms.

Sounds like everyone is having fun. I'm glad you could meet Sister Leavitt, she is sweet. Thanks for sending up a package with the Nelsons, they are a good family. That is great you were able to meet up, or Rochelle was, with them. I really enjoyed conference. I thought it was wonderful. Other than conference not too much news I guess.

That is good news about Amber, that is really cool. It's really nice today, like 17 degrees (62 Farenheit) so we are going to go golfing. We had a Family Home Evening lesson last night with a lot of empty nesters and the lady in charge brought a non member. We taught her - it was pretty cool. Then when we were sitting there visiting afterwards, one of the members asked me if we knew a former investigator in our area book. I told him I do not know him. He said that he wants to be taught again and wants to be baptized! So that was a miracle and hopefully we should start teaching him this week.

On Thursday we were out walking in front of the temple and we saw our Mission President's car in front of the temple so we left a little note on their car, but they didn't call us or say anything about it. The next day I had to call and ask President Archibald for permission to do a baptismal interview. I thought he just didn't see it or something but he said, "Thanks for the note." It was pretty funny.

I did a baptismal interview on Friday and that was cool. And Elder Staley and I got taken out to Waterton on Thursday and that was pretty cool as well. To answer your questions, Waterton is a Canadian National Park. We went and just saw the town. Next week I will send pictures. I haven't got the Easter basket you sent yet, but I did get the nobake cookies you sent. They were good and I shared them!

Other than that nothing more to report that I can think of.

I sure love you all and hope you have a good week! Wish me luck on the golf course!

Love Elder Dowd

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