Monday, May 7, 2012

It's Spring in Cardston

Hello Family and Friends!

I am super jealous of Rochelle and Nickie's trip to California.  I love Disneyland so much!

Sounds like Maddie and Carly had a good Youth Conference.  Here in Cardston they are getting ready for a thing called Moroni's Quest where they reenact The Book of Mormon and that's all anyone here talks about.

I'm glad that you are growing spiritually, I feel like I am doing the same.   We had our Mission Tour this last week and it was pretty good.  The theme was sacrifice.  Elder Melchin, our Area Authority came.  He spoke and President Archibald spoke about The Fourth Missionary.  It is a 30 page article by Lawrence E. Corbridge on how a missionary can devote himself to be truly changed in his own life while helping others change their lives.  It lists the characteristics and behaviors of four different levels of being a missionary and our goal is to be the 4th Missionary.  We sang a song.  We will sing it for you on Mother's Day, which I need to know when you can call for. Our number is _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ . If you need to call at 5 that will work because we will be out of church. Our Zone was asked to sing a song, so when just four of us stood up to sing, everyone was surprised.  It went well.  The conference was good.  We had a luncheon after the meeting.  Elder Pikula, my companion from North Calgary was there, we sat together.  He is serving in Brooks.  It was fun to see him.

Our investigator did not get baptized this Saturday. He didn't pass his baptismal interview, but he did come to church this Sunday so we will continue to teach him and help him get worthy.

There is an Indian Reserve right next to Cardston and we went and helped the community clean up all the garbage there. We lifted this one trash can into a dumpster and 30 or so mice came flying out and so we were all stepping on them kinda like Whack a Mole.

The weather is really nice here in Cardston right now.  It's spring finally.  My sinus, cold thing is gone and I am feeling well.

Other than that nothing too exciting, I sure love you all!

Love Elder Dowd

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