Monday, June 11, 2012

Hello Family and Friends,

I had 18 emails today.  It is always good reading about my friends missions.  Keep sending them, if I run out of time, I will just not read all of them.  For some reason the computers at this library will not read the photo card, so I cannot send any pictures.  I may ask a member if they will send them to you.

This last week was good. We taught a 10 year old girl.  She wants to come to church and be baptized but her mom is less active and her dad is not a member so it's hard to get their support. We have an investigator who is living common law and is getting married this week. That will be exciting.

There is a man in one of my wards from Newbury Park. His name is Brother Babcock. He knew Dad and Uncle Brian.  We had a training this week and half of it was President talking about how he is going home. We get a new mission president this month. it will be really weird.

Dad,  it's funny serving around other missionaries that are weird or shy or afraid to do hard things and I wonder how much their parents play a role in that. So Dad, I am glad that you never inhibited my abilites but caused me to grow even when I didn't want to. I sure love you Dad!

We started teaching the Brazilian family that lives in the apartment above us. Hopefully we can get them to church. And yes we live in an apartment. It's just Elder Orozco and me that live there.  I hope everyone is doing good and has a good summer. Tell Grandpa Dowd and Grandpa Turley to have a great Father's Day.

Love Elder Dowd!

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