Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Two Weeks with Mission President

This is a picture of Elder Staley, me, Sister Archibald, President Archibald, Elder Kuetell and Elder Langi in Cardston just before I got transferred to Calgary.  I still can't get the library computer to upload pictures, I asked the staff to upload this one because I had to send it to the Assistants.

It sounds like you all had a fun week! 

The first half of our week was pretty uneventful, but the second half of the week was really cool. We had a wedding for our investigator Josh who is getting baptized this Saturday. His wife is already a member.  Bishop Laycock performed the ceremony.  I was able to be one of the witnesses at the wedding.  Josh is a native living on a reserve.  Part of our area includes the Tsuu T'ina reserve.  At his wedding I realized that the Bishop and I were the only Caucasians!  I teased the Elder Orozco about being surrounded by Lamanites!

We went on exchanges on Saturday night. We helped out with a community parade and blocked traffic and that was a lot of fun. While on exchanges we talked to some Jehovah's witnesses. We volunteer at a place similar to the Boys and Girls Clubs in the U.S.

Other than that nothing too exciting happened.  We are going to the Cardston temple this week which I am looking forward to. We are going with the Zone Leaders and with a member from their Ward.  To answer your question, we serve in two Wards - The Woodbine and the Evergreen Wards.  I love Elder Orozco.  He is hard working and fun.  He knows all the areas where Grandpa Turley has lived in Mexico City.  We ate at a Mexican restaurant the other day.  The lady came and asked us if we could help serve at a dinner!    And we have a baptism this Saturday which will be very good.

We had s'mores yesterday.  It was the first time Elder Orozco has had them.  He thinks they are too sweet!  Mostly people feed us different food.  Lately we have had taquitos and burritos and it has been so yummy.  There isn't much in the way of Mexican food up here

Yea, the Calgary Temple Open House will be at the end of September and into October.  The Sister Missionaries will be serving there.

It is kind of drizzling today, but not storming.

So exciting things are happening, but the days are all just a blur.

Well, President Archibald is leaving on the 29th.  He has been a great Mission President and has been a great influence on me.  I am sad to see him leave. 

Love you all.  Bye!

Elder Dowd

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