Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day Celebration

Hello Family!

Yes, it was Canada Day on Sunday. It was funny in church.  We sang "O Canada" and it was hard for me not to laugh because it's not my national anthem.  As people bore their testimonies on how great Canada is and I was telling Elder Orozco that we should go bear testimony of how great America and Mexico are too, but of course, we didn't!

President Archibald left this week and President and Sister Nicholas arrived.  We haven't met them yet, but we will meet them tomorrow. It's transfers next week so I will probably get a new companion which is kind of sad.  I really like Elder Orozco.

Yesterday on p-day the stake had a big Canada celebration at the Stake Center which we went to.  Then we played soccer with a bunch of the YSA members and it was a lot of fun.

Other than that not much has happened, we have been trying to build our  teaching pool because all of the investigators we were teaching got baptized or dropped. We have been getting some referrals. There is a Fillipino lady that has come to church twice who we are meeting with this week and she is asking her fellowshipper how soon she can baptized. So she will probably be baptized. And that's pretty much all that is going on this week. We will be going to Cardston on Saturday to go to the temple so that will be fun.

I have been losing some of the weight I gained while living in Cardston with all the eating out for lunch for every day!  I have lost ten pounds in this past month!

Picture of Elder Dowd with his Primary Class in 2002!  All are serving missions.  From left to right: Elder MacDonald (Mexico), Elder Baldwin (Brazil Belem), Elder Dowd (Canada Calgary), Elder Exstrom (Indiana Indianopolis Spanish), Elder Jones (Buenos Aires South), Elder Bluth (Phillipines Cagayan).

Thanks for sending me the picture Sister Jones sent you of my old Sunday School Class!  That's really cool that we are all on missions, we must have had good leaders (and parents!).

That's pretty much it, I sure love you!

Elder Dowd

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