Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Hello Family,
Yes, it is transfers and I am getting an old companion. Elder Grbin! I am being transferred out of my area, and back to North Calgary. So Elder Orozco will stay here with another companion! I will be sad to leave him.   He is really great and I love him. But I am excited to serve with Elder Grbin again!
Other than that not a lot of news. I really enjoyed this area and I am kinda shocked that I am leaving, but I am really excited to work with Elder Grbin again.
This last week was really good. We had the Meet the President Meeting. I really enjoyed it. A lot of missionaries kinda talked a lot and made themselves look like idiots. But overall, it was good. And then on Saturday we went to the temple and it was really great.  I got to see Elder Staley again and it was really good.
The Calgary Stampede started this week and so Calgary has been really busy and stuff, so the work has kinda slowed down. But it will be over next week.
That's about all I know, but I sure love you and I will talk to you all next week and hopefully at the next library I can email pictures!
Love, Elder Dowd
Richie was online when I was at work, so I asked him if he was still a District Leader, and he said no he and Elder Grbin are Zone Leaders.  He said Elder Grbin, who was his MTC companion and is from Australia, was made Zone Leader last month, so they will be serving together.  I asked him what his responsibilities will be and he said "We collect the numbers for the Zone and then once a month all the Zone Leaders meet and have a council with the Mission President and talk about the mission. Also we report the numbers each week to the Assistants." 
I asked him if he goes on splits with the other missionaries.  "We go on splits with the District Leader and his companion, then the District Leader goes on splits with his District Elders."
I asked if the new temple in Calgary, which has it's Open House at the end of  September, is near his new area - his new Zone is North Calgary.  "We are pretty close to the new temple, but it is in the West Zone which is the Zone I was in when I was in Cochrane.  So, yea, we are close, but it's in a different Zone."
Then I asked him about the Mission Office and the Mission President's home if they are near him. "The Mission President's Home and the Mission Office are in the South Zone.  But, we go to the Mission Office once a week to pick up mail, etc."

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