Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 11, 2011 Letter

That's so nice of the Bybees to help with the mission, tell them thank
you so much, and that I will send them a postcard. I am getting
excited for the wedding. This last week we helped these members that
we used to live with, the Comstocks get the church set up and
decorated for their daughter's wedding, the whole time we were helping
I felt like I was helping set up for Brian and Julie's wedding! We
were invited to the wedding and we went for dinner this last Saturday
but it was awkward because the groom is a recent convert and his
family and friends were nonmembers, and we had to sit at this table
with all these girls that are around our age or a little bit older and
the were dressed immodestly and Elder Crowther and I were too
embarrassed to look or talk to them so we just sat quietly and ate and
looked straight forward. It was awkward, but luckily an older member
from the Ward came and sat by us and talked with us, but when we left
the wedding all those girls that were at our table were outside in the
church parking lot smoking and they saw us and tried to hide it. Then
on Sunday morning the parking lot was littered with cigarettes.

Finally, the weather is improving. It is around 8 to 10 degrees outside so we can go out walking with without overcoats. It's beginning to feel like spring is here but there are sometimes when it still gets pretty cold out here.

I hope that you will be ok you guys are all in my prayers, that will
be nice that Dad will be so close and that you guys can see each other
more often. That's too bad that someone keeps egging the car, whenever
Elder Crowther and I are out walking people always drive by and stare
at us and kids will yell at us. Thank you for fasting yesterday, we
fasted too, Sunday was great and we had 3 investigators come to
church, Loreen came and all the members were great and all the talks
were great but she only stayed for 2 hours but said she would see us
on Wednesday, this last Wednesday we taught her the Plan of Salvation
and I invited her to be baptized on April 23rd but she said she wanted
to learn more and keep reading the Book of Mormon before she decided
but she told us she knows baptism is something she needs to do. But
she is awesome she read all of 1 Nephi from our first lesson with her
and our second lesson. The missionary work is going well and it is
exciting to be seeing miracles happening and I know this church is
true and through faith in the Lord anything is possible. I love you
all and you are all in my prayers, I love Monday and getting to email
you guys.

Love, Elder Dowd


I forgot to tell you that Elder Richard G Scott is coming to speak to
the mission this next Monday. And also if you haven't sent that music
up yet but you have bought it you can just email it to me and I can
put it on a CD or something if that would be easier.

I love you!

Love, Elder Dowd

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