Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sorry I couldn't write until Tuesday, this is transfer week (only 16 more!) so our P-day was moved to Tuesday because people get transferred on Wednesday. But conference was Great! We had to watch at the chapel and no one was there but like 4 other people. It was really good, it was kinda weird to see Temple Square and the Conference Center and to realize that I am not there or going, but I stayed awake through the whole thing and it was really uplifting. I'm glad you guys could watch with Aunt Willi and with Brian and Julie.

Tell Brian that I got his letter last week and that the mail is slow, but I will send him a letter back. I also bought a postcard for Grandma and Grandpa Turley and I will send it today. I love hearing from you all and I am always excited when email time rolls around!

We have been teaching that lady Loreen the one we met on the street and she took pretty well and asked us about baptism but is convinced that the Sabbath is on Saturday. We gave her a Book of Mormon and hopefully she will read it and pray about it and when she knows that it is true she will receive an answer from the Holy Ghost because that's the only way she will ever know if the what we are teaching is true.

Yeah, Elder Crowther and I get along really well. Yeah we are both staying in Cochrane which I am glad as I am just getting used to everything here. Yeah Caleb's letter is something else huh? A lot different experience than I am having, but he is teaching a lot more than we so he is being blessed. I am doing well, Elder Crowther has been sick so there were some days this past week when we had to stay in, so I watched a lot of Church movies, but it has been good. I wake up every morning and do push ups and jump on a excersice trampoline and today we are going to play basketball with the Banff Elders. Elder Conder says Hi.

If you do send that Easter package I would like Twizzlers, red vines, maple syrup (they don't have any here :).) Also jalapeno chips and pictures of family and friends.

I love you and sorry to worry you!

Love Elder Dowd

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