Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labour Day - Couldn't Write - Library Closed

Dear Family and Friends,

Yesterday was Labour Day so we basically had an extra hour of P-day since we couldn't come to the library to send emails. We went and played frisbee golf, then we played basketball and volleyball and dodgeball and my arm is really sore from throwing dodgeballs.

This past week was interesting. We found out one of our investigators moved to Okotoks, (ps don't we have relatives or something there?), then we found out that another one of our investigators doesn't really want to meet with us anymore, so we prayed that we could find some people who could be baptized. We had some cool experiences.

We had some lessons with single sisters so we had our Ward Mission Leader with us and he is from a small town near Edmonton. We went with him to Taco Bell for dinner and while we were in line the man behind us started talking to our Ward Mission Leader and it turns out he graduaed high school with him out of a class of 30 students. Then he found out from his friend that another man from the same high school who had met with missionaries and almost got baptized several years ago is also living here in Lethbridge. It was more then coincidence.

We also went to Calgary last week for Elder Roberts retraining so that was fun to go to Calgary. Well, that's pretty much the past week for me. Next week the YSA wards are separating so we will end up being at church and at meetings pretty much all day on Sundays now.

I got your letters that were mailed from Carly's FHE lesson - they were awesome! Thanks! I have only gotten those letters, one from Christian and one from Shae. It would be great to get more letters! Of course I get the family emails and I look forward to that each week!

I was sad to hear about Uncle Roy's passing. I hope the funeral and all go well.

Well, I am running out of time, I sure love you all. Love, Elder Dowd

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