Monday, August 29, 2011

Hello to All

Dear Family and Friends,

Not much is happening that is newsworthy this week. While I am serving my mission, I am in a college area and school is about to start, so there are new people coming and it is that same fall excitement.

It is crazy to me that so much is going on in the world - earthquakes, hurricanes, wars, etc. How are things at home, in our Ward, etc. Hope all is going well. I am praying for you all. I will pray for Elise also. How long has Talmage been gone? I am glad you were able to hear Jake speak. He will be a great missionary.

We were scheduled to teach a lady this week and she was going to have people over for us to teach as well, but when we arrived there was a note on the door saying she was sorry, but she had an emergency come up. Hope all is o.k.

While we were waiting at a church building here in the library, I saw an old Friend magazine from April 1999 and it had an article about when Grandpa was a General Authority. There was that picture of our family in front of Aunt Fredi's old house and I was just a little kid! That was funny.

I got a letter from Nickie with a picture of her and her roommates. Sounds like she will have a good time at BYU and she sounds happy.

Tomorrow we will be going to Calgary, so that will fun. I am sorry that my letters are so boring. Can you tell all of my friends that I say hello? I love getting letters, so any would be appreciated.

One thing I am loving is learning, I have learned to study more and love learning about the gospel and thinking about it too.

Well, sorry I've got to go. I love you all and pray for you daily.

Love, Elder Dowd

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