Monday, March 19, 2012

Snow, Prank, Basketball and Church

This morning in Cardston. Snowstorm and a little help from some friends!


I am doing pretty good. Yeah, I talked to Sister Leavitt yesterday and she told me she talked to you and will meet you this weekend. She also asked if there was anything that I wanted from the states and the only thing that I could think of were jalapeno chips and your no bake cookies that you make. If there's anything else that's small that you want to send I'm pretty sure she would be willing to bring it back. Hope you had a good birthday Mom, and Dad, I hope that you and Brian have a good birthday as well.

Not a lot happened in Cardston missionary wise this last week. I had to go to a training in Lethbridge on Tuesday. That was fun and I was able to see some missionary friends. Then on Wednesday, I held a District Meeting. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday the Alberta provincial basketball tournament came to town so it was really busy. The Cardston boys won the tournament and it's the first time in 58 years they have won so that was all that was discussed in Church the next day. The Elders in the other stake told us that someone gave a talk on just the game and didn't quote any scriptures or any doctrine. But he did quote Larry Bird and Magic Johnson!

Cardston High Basketball Team - Provincial Tournament Champions 2012

Last Monday Mom I met a man named Dale Pilling who served in your mission the same time you did. He's from here but he lives in Sacramento now. That was about all that happened this week.

I guess to answer your questions about Elder Staley we are getting along great! I would put him in my top 3 for companions, so we are having fun and all is well.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that it snowed last night and this morning we woke up to our car being covered in snow, someone (I'm pretty sure the other Elders in Cardston pranked us!)

This was fun to dig out!

Cardston Temple

Me in front of temple!

Elder Staley in front of temple!

Hope you like the pictures I sent!

Love YA,
Elder Dowd

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