Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Staying in Cardston!

Hello Family and Friends,

I am so sad to hear Grandma has been so sick and in the hospital. Please let her know I am praying for her and hope she gets well soon. Tell her I love her. Hope Dad gets well soon too.

It is transfer week which is why I am writing on Tuesday. We just got back from the Temple which was very nice. I am staying in Cardston, but Elder Anderson is getting transferred. My new companion's name is Elder Staley. That's about all I know about him. I have a really good feeling about him and the work we will do together.

Sounds like a lot has been happening this week. Not too much happened here in Cardston this last week. We had a lot of appointments cancel and that has been trying, but we have been seeing miracles as well. I have felt both of us being guided by the spirit.

Mom, you said you thought it might be hard serving here in Cardston because of so many LDS, but actually it is a lot easier because we have all the members addresses, we know exactly who is not LDS! People are so good to us here. A sister at church on Sunday handed both Elder Anderson and me a $50 bill.

I hope you enjoy working with the mission prep class mom, you should show all the prospective Elders page 162 from Preach My Gospel and have them all set a date to have someone taught by the missionaries, that would be the best mission prep for them.

That's really about all that I have to share I hope that's ok.

I sure love you all and tell Nickie Happy 19th Birthday tomorrow!

Love Elder Dowd

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