Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Transferring Tomorrow to Another Area in Calgary

Hey all! It sounds like you had a busy week!  This last week was o.k. Let's see - on Monday we had p-day.  We went to the mall and I got a tie.  We played dodgeball and basketball and stuff. Then for FHE we had a lesson on finances from the YSA Bishopric it was pretty good.

Then on Tuesday we had a Zone Meeting. The assistants came. It was good and then we had a meeting with the Stake Presidency.

On Wednesday we didn't have any appointments until 7:00 which made for a long day. Then on Thursday we had weekly planning and a few lessons, but sadly all of our evening appointments canceled. Then on Friday we had lunch with all the Calgary Elders then we went to the office to get mail. Then we had dinner at the Toutais family's home which was a lot of fun. Then we taught some investigators.

Then on Saturday we had no appointments. We went to Applebees with the Chinese elders. Then we stopped by and read with a less active. On Sunday it was Rememberance Day. In our family ward all the talks were on wars. It was pretty good. In our YSA ward (which is always really good) we had ward conference. The Stake Presidency spoke which was really excellent. I really love the Stake Presidency -- they are great men. After church we had another "Linger Longer" which was a lot of fun.  I really love this YSA Ward.  I am going to miss it. Then we visited with some members.

Yesterday we had a District meeting we typed up some Zone Records. We went to a lesson that canceled and then went to dinner in Balzac with a family who have these really cool twins that just got home from their mission. The Payne brothers. It was a lot of fun. One of them went to Guatemala on his mission and got a lot of basketball jerseys for really cheap. He gave me a Magic Johnson jersey and a Kobe Bryant jersey! That was so nice of him. Then for FHE last night they played Where's Waldo but we didn't go because the mall they went to was out of our area. So we visited with some of the members that stayed behind at the church. Then everyone came back and I said some goodbyes.  I got a group picture with the FHE group.

That was my week! Oh and yes I am getting trasnferred, but I am staying in Calgary.  I don't know which area in Calgary or who will be my companion, but I will let you know.  We no longer get the list of where everyone is going, we get told what place to report to for transfer and they have a meeting and tell you.  But, this list says who is staying in Calgary, and who will be going to other areas.  So, I will let you know as soon as I can where I will be.

I never knew that Elder Ellgen has a card reader that works to load pictures until today!!! So, here are a few pictures!

I love you!  Elder Dowd

One of the Payne twins - he gave me BOTH of these jerseys!

The Confederate Park YSA FHE Group 
with Elder Ellgen and me 

Ian's Baptism

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