Friday, February 25, 2011


I got to Calgary all right and I got picked up by the Mission President and his wife at the airport. They took pictures to send you. Its really nice to be out of the MTC, it was like a bubble in there. Rochelle, I think that you should go and volunteer to be an investigator because that was one of the things that really helped me was teaching investigators as well as role playing as an investigator. i already have a new companion, his name is Elder Crowther and he is from Denver, Colorado. We are serving in Cochrane. I just got here and he had to some district leader stuff so he let me email you guys to let you know I am all right. I am all right, except I am still tired from waking up so early yesterday.

Whenever you guys hang out with Chris tell him to tell all my friends to write me, and i was the travel leader at the airport but it was just me and Elder Grbin so it wasnt a big deal except we almost missed the plane in Salt Lake because the MTC forgot to give us our immigration papers. But yeah thats about it. Its cold and stuff up here but its not that cold its only like -10. Oh and the area im serving in,Cochrane, there is an indian reservation on it, so i will be teaching Lamanites =). Oh, and i am living in a members home.

Tell everyone that I say hello and that I am ok.
I love you

Elder Dowd

Elder Dowd with Elder Brough and Elder Johnson

Elder Dowd in Elder Brazee's glasses

Richie being awkward

Elder Dowd with his MTC companion Elder Grbin

Richie being silly
Elder Dowd with some friends at the MTC

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