Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Richie left the MTC this morning, and he called the family during his layover in Denver.  He talked about how excited he is to be heading to Calgary and said he is really ready to get going on missionary work.  He said most of his district went to Hawaii including an Elder Kevin Porter from Lindon.  He said there are two sisters in his district who are going to the Temple Square mission - so look for them if you see U.S. sisters at Temple Square.  Their names are Sister Deboer from Irvine, CA and Sister Smiley from Chicago.
We talked for a few minutes with his companion, Elder Luke Grbin from Geelong, Victoria, Australia.  He plays a guitar with mostly alternative music and said he brought his harmonica to the MTC, but because Richie said they are not supposed to bring an instrument so they never played it.  He said his parents are divorced, his mother's ancestory has been members of the church in Australia for seven generations.  His father joined the church when he was 24 and served a mission in Australia.  He also said Richie knows A LOT of people and it seemed he knew everyone at the MTC!
Richie said they mostly studied the Preach my Gospel book and taught a few people lined up as investigators, and then taught another district and then they taught them.  He feels prepared to go and teach those who may be interested in learning more about the gospel. 
He said he finished his thank you cards, and paid some Elder from another district to send them all to me for him...so, here's to hoping we get them and can get them mailed out! 
He sounds so happy and ready to serve!
Richie's new mailing address (for the rest of his mission) is:

Elder Richard Dowd
Canada Calgary Mission
7044 Farrell Road SE
Calgary, Alberta T2H 0T2

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