Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hey Mom!

sounds like things are going well. Things are going well here. I have seen Caleb Porter he lives in the floor above me. I have also seen, Eric Burdett, and some other kids i know. There is this one elder here who is from california whose sister in law is from thousand oaks she is a Seaman i think. But he is just like michael davies and it makes me happy and sad whenever i see and talk with him. My companion is great he is Australian and a musician and is smart and also charming. You guys would love him. Our district is awesome, we are easily the best district in the world! I miss when you do my laundry everyday cause now i have only one a day to clean my clothes and i sometimes feel dirty. The food food is ok. I dont sleep well but i dont think that i ever have. One of my teachers is roomates with Elisa Craigs brothers. Oh and my companions name is Elder Grbin, (Gribun). Umm, have you guys hung out with chris since ive left? Has he called you guys. I love you. And sometimes i pray for you but i forget about you guys alot too. This place is cool, but there are alot of goobers and wierd people, but its where i should be.  Congrats to Maddie. And good luck to Nickie and Carly with their injuries. And good luck to you and Dad and Rochelle in all your conquests. I love you all.

<3 Elder Richard Dowd

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