Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My companion is from Geelong just south of Melbourne, he is also going to Calgary, we leave next Tuesday.  I am the travel leader.

I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa Dowd, and one from Aunty Tye. I also got a valentine from the Jensen family in our ward. I would like another towel and could you send me my old pair of blue vans to wear on p days because my gym shoes aren't very cool or comfortable with jeans (and they start to stink).

I also could use another t-shirt and and some more shorts (1 pair) and like a Tide to go or something and Febreeze.

The adapter works wonderfully and he is very grateful. I don't think I will have time to do all of the thank you notes because I am busy. I could probably write in them all and then send them all back to you. And I dont think I should chew gum any more because it is against the rules.

Hey Nickie, im glad you still think im a dork. Everyone in my district is going to hawaii. Except these two sisters that are going to temple square. Um tell chris i say hi too, I love you.

I love you and send my regards to Grandma and Grandpa Dowd and Turley, and also tell Aunt Willi that I love her. I love you and tell Aunty Tye thank you as well. I love all of you guys.

Elder Dowd

Also my laundry bag is awful and is ripping and I would like a new one. I would also like to know about whether or not the money I have is for spending and tell everyone to use  because it is fast and also I leave on Tuesday and I think I will get to call you guys, we are having a layover in Denver for an hour and a half.    Love you

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