Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hello Mother!

I hope you had a good Mother's Day, I sure did! That was really nice of Sister Thurman to give you those things. Tell her that I have been writing in the gratitude journal they gave me.

I got your package on Saturday. It was wonderful. I am enjoying the music and the pictures especially. Last night I wore that sweatshirt until bed and I really love the new camera - it works! (It is a lot fancier than the old camera.) You don't need to send me any cereal, I just usually buy what is on sale, or sometimes we do service at the food bank and we sometimes get cereal from there because they always tell us to take something.

It was so good to hear from Grandma and Grandpa and Carl. When you first called, I thought you were Aunt Pam and I was so confused! It was crazy because that call seemed about five minutes long, but I am glad you told me when the 40 minutes were up, because I want to be obedient. It was so good to hear from my friends, I had no idea they would be there, so thank you. It was really nice to hear about some of my friend's mission calls.

I know that you are not unhappy with my mission, and I know that the Lord isn't unhappy, because I am happy. I know that I am supposed to be here and there are people here for me to teach and meet and to learn from. So, numbers are good because they indicate progress, but there are always things that you can't put numbers on. Anyway, it was so nice to hear from you all and to hear from my friends too, and I am so excited for them all to get out in the mission field and to serve, there is nothing to worry about because the Lord is on our side, and there is nowhere else that I could be right now that would be better for me than here in Alberta.

Tell Chris that I am writing him back today, and tell Tanner that I can't wait to hear where he is to go to go.

Oh, and last night after we talked, Elder Crowther and I went to the Nzojibwamis and they had invited their friends Didier and Daniella over. We had made Sister Nzojibwami some cookies and a Mother's Day card. I love the Nzojibwamis. They asked us to eat with them, so we did and then we gave Lesson 1 to their friends. It was so spiritual and we FIRMED (invited Didier and Daniella to be baptized) and they said that they couldn't on the date they had set because they would be in Africa. But, they said they would read the Book of Mormon and they wanted to meet with us again! So, that was exciting!

We ended up having two dinners yesterday, because a really nice family named the Letehebes had signed up to feed us. We had spaghetti at their home. And we had ribs and chicken and some shredded carrot things at Nzojibwamis and it was all so good.

Most of the food we are fed isn't much different than American, but it is good. My favorite food I have eaten is the food the Nzojibwamis have made for us. Also, I like what are called Donairs, they are kind of like a Greek burrito, pita stuffed with some Greek meat and stuff. I really like them.

This morning I made omelets for Elder Crowther and me. I had ham and olives in mine, and I just put ham in his. They were all right. We have a microwave omelet cooker!

I hope you and Dad start to feel better. I am really glad that you don't have a brain tumor. I hope they find out what is wrong soon though.

Tell everyone I say hi!

I love you!

Love, Elder Dowd

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