Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pday was Victoria Day!

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was a Canadian Holiday, so the library where we do our emails was closed. But, we were allowed to write today, even though it is not P-day.

I got totally bombarded with email today! I love it, but I am attempting to send pictures, so I am just doing one mass email.

Life in Cochrane is good, it has been raining almost everyday since last week. We are getting some referrals.

Elder Hawkins is nice. He is from Ogden Utah. His dad owns a restaurant in Ogden called Hug-hess so he can cook a little bit. He is really obedient which is good.

That sounds like you had a good, busy week. I bought the 100 Year Anniversary of The Mormon Tabernacle Choir cd last Wednesday, as well as a 1 piece garment. So I have been thinking about choirs a lot lately too.

I was sad to hear about Mike's car accident and I will keep him in my prayers.

Everyone is getting so old! I cant believe Nickie's done with high school pretty much and that my friends are all leaving on missions. I'm glad you got to go to Jordan's farewell and that you enjoyed yourselves. Thanks for telling me you cried Mom because you missed me. I almost started crying reading the email, but since I am in the library, I refrained. The Stewarts are a good family. I have been thinking a lot about all my friends going into the MTC and getting ready for their missions, it's crazy.

We are teaching a girl out in Morley and we tried to get ahold of her yesterday but she was MIA. Her Uncle called us last night drunk and I talked to him for about 10 minutes and it was kinda funny because they were supposed to come to church on Sunday but they never showed up. Her Uncle's friend who lives on the southeast side of Calgary did show up. That's about the highlight of my week! Oh, but I did sing at the baptism of the family the Banff elders taught. I sang in a quartet. We sang, "Nearer My God to Thee". It went well. I thought about recording it, but didn't know if I should, so I did not.

A lot of the members are going to start introducing us to their friends and let us teach them so that should be exciting!

The weather is rainy. I got Nickie's high school graduation invitation -- you need to video tape her dancing in front of the T!

How much money is in my account there? I need to get a memory card and a camera case as well as a few other things.

Can you send me President Skousens address and the Stewarts address? Also, have Carly get on my facebook account and write down all the mission addresses of my friends.

I love you all!

Love, Elder Dowd

PS tell Jordan and all of my other friends hello!

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