Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mission Tour and Conference with Elder Baxter

Dear Friends and Family,

Sorry to write so late (3:15 pm as opposed to 11:00 am regularly). We were able to go to Cardston to the temple and just got back. I cannot write too much because we are late to play basketball!

I have been thinking a lot about y'all too. I was at our Mission Tour and Conference yesterday, we focused a lot on consecration. It really impacted me. Today we got to go to the temple and I couldn't stop thinking about consecration.

I am glad you are all having a good time and that everyone is heading back to school I can't believe it is that time of year already!

Elder Roberts is becoming a better missionary every day. It was great to go to the temple in Cardston with him today.

I'm sorry that I don't have much to say. Every day is pretty similar in my life! But, the University of Lethbridge people are starting to come back to school (his area is all young single adults around the University) so a lot of stuff will be happening once everyone arrives.

Well I hope everyone has a wonderful time in school. Tell Carly happy 12th birthday (since Carly is the youngest in our family Blair always says she is 12, but she actually turned 15!). Glad to hear Nickie moved to her dorm to start college.

I sure love you all and I am still praying for you all.

Love, Elder Dowd

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